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Why a holiday able to 100%, it is essential that children are okay! Their satisfaction, relaxation!
Trust us, each service Family was born and grew over the years, to make all this happen!!


Pappamondo is big news, very appreciated by mothers who have already tried! Show cooking in the restaurant, with a chef dedicated to the preparation of meals for your baby. From: 11.30 to 13.00 18.30 to 20.00 our cook baby food, cooking for you vegetable broths and past of vegetables (no tomato and onion, as you have taught us). Homogenized and pastries, meal and cream of rice, conventional or organic, bibs and cutlery is all provided by us!


The Kingdom of Toys has improved year by year, thanks to the passion of Massi that back a bit 'child, made it as well as you will see now, plenty of games for all ages, with a large whiteboard to draw with chalk, a large TV for watching cartoons, the Playstation 3 for the older ones. Outside, ping pong and foosball x challenges to the sound of balls! Password: remain children!


Our animators of the Club, girls are selected by Zato, First Animation Bellaria! Liven up the days of your children, during the morning and afternoon at the beach, organizing group games and laboratory, to learn how with hands and some natural element, you can create as many nice items. The next evening Baby Dance and then dinner, evening Cinema and popcorn, karaoke, games, dancing and lots of fun.


Being part of this prestigious Product Club, means that our standards of service are always top notch! E 'for this reason that we think of anything that might serve you and I do find it here from us, strollers, car seats for both the bike to the restaurant, cots, bed rails, baby baths, reducers, potties, changing tables, bottle warmer


To sleep in a new bed is more nice if there is a present to wait your child…
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