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We are in a strategic position to easily reach the Parks of the Riviera Come on holiday in Cattolica is also the occasion for the most famous amusement parks in Europe.

AQUARIUM OF CATTOLICA50 meters from the hotel

The visit to the Aquarium takes about two hours. On An exciting journey of endless variety of fish. Inside there are huge sharks, penguins wonderful, likeable otters, giant manta rays and do not forget to visit the nursery of the turtles and the reptile house. We remind you that our Sharky room is dedicated to the Shark of Aquarium, undisputed head of the park!
Acquario di Cattolica

Address: Piazza Delle Nazioni, 1/A, 47841
Cattolica RN
Phone:0541 8371

Biglietto intero € 20,00 Biglietto Tiffany's € 15,00
Biglietto ridotto € 16,00 Biglietto Tiffany's € 15,00

Free under one meter!! (Reduced from 100 cm to 140 cm)


During your stay, really worth it to take a break and go to sea with the whole family to visit the park overseas. You can spend a whole day, maybe bringing with packed lunches that we will be happy to prepare! The dolphin lagoon like a lot to your children that they will have the opportunity to learn about these amazing sea creatures and meet an expert who will meet all their curiosity! Do not miss the Flight of Birds of Prey, Parrots of the Forest, the Animal Farm. Overseas is the perfect combination of water, air, earth, fire and energy

OLTREMARE DI RICCIONE Ticket valid for 2 days (Discount of 27%)
Address: Via Ascoli Piceno, 6, 47838
Riccione RN
Phone:0541 4271

Biglietto intero € 26,00 Biglietto Tiffany's € 19,00
Biglietto ridotto € 20,00 Biglietto Tiffany's € 19,00

Free under one meter!! (Reduced from 100 cm to 140 cm)


Undisputed goal for school groups from all over the boot, Little Italy is the perfect example of how an amusement park can simultaneously be of interest, stimulate and teach with enthusiasm and form of the game, the wonders of our Italian your children! Pass through Italy and Europe, walking through famous monuments, historic towers and medieval villages. Do not forget to take a gondola ride in Venice small! Many educational workshops every day.

ITALIA IN MINIATURA Ticket valid for 2 days (Reduction of 28%)
Address: Via Popilia, 239, 47922
Viserba, Rimini RN
Phone: 0541 736736

Biglietto intero € 22,00 Biglietto Tiffany's € 16,00
Biglietto ridotto € 17,00 Biglietto Tiffany's € 16,00

Free under one meter!! (Reduced from 100 cm to 140 cm)


Pure fun for the little ones! Bring your children in Merlin's Castle, explore with them the Apache Village, dreaming for a while 'in the Bay of Peter Pan and take a ride on the Fiabilandia Express! Dozens of rides, emotions fabulous, carefree and fun, will make your day unforgettable Fiabilandia for the whole family!

FIABILANDIA Reduction of 20%
Address: Via Gerolamo Cardano, 15, 47924
Rivazzurra, Rimini RN
Phone: 0541 372064

Biglietto intero € 23,00 Biglietto Tiffany's € 19,00
Biglietto ridotto € 16,00 Biglietto Tiffany's € 13,00

(Reduced from 3 years old to 100 cm)

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