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Breakfast is important because at home you go on the run and in preparing the children and go to work, yes and no you can nibble a biscuit out in a hurry. Get ready because when you do, "Breakfast at Tiffany's", you'll undoubtedly the excellent homemade cakes, the pastries, a slice of bread with Nutella (true !!), a toast with ham or salami, one with yoghurt cereals, jams, also biological, a juice, a cappuccino, a coffee, if desired also expressed !!
Navetta per il centro It's time for lunch and dinner, and maybe after a drink won the "Game Aperitif" proposed by the entertainers we are all at the restaurant ... Navetta per il centro a buffet of vegetables and appetizers (which we were at home, it would be our meal) and then served at the table ... because at least on vacation, we like to be served, a first, a second fish or meat, a side dish and to finish fruit at will, homemade ice cream, sherbet; in the evening, what better late dinner if not a mega buffet Sweets!?! Navetta per il centro Peckish afternoon? Do not worry we come under the umbrella and we bring a snack! Freshly baked pizza, bananas, yogurt, bagels, sandwiches ...

Finally it's Wednesday and if you wonder why all the waiters are dressed in jeans and T-shirt ... is because it begins the evening of Romagna! We cook for you Piadina on the terrace and then after a rustic appetizer, a dish of noodles or soup beans, while waiting for the grilled sausages and meat, you can come and take your piadina!!!! Navetta per il centro We are at the end of the week, it's Friday and we're sorry to leave but we still have an evening to spend together and we want to pass it in the best way! We want to give a Gala Evening, romance and tranquility, eating delicacies of the Adriatic and you will say ... Navetta per il centro yes okay, with the kids ... but Gala ... trust us, we have thought of that ... Navetta per il centro your children along to the animators will dine poolside and between a dance and a game await their favorite menu cooked on the barbecue: Hot Dog, Hamburger and French Fries! (On vacation, anything goes)
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