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Cattolica is a summer holiday destination, to enjoy the beautiful days of sun and sea, but not only, we want to tell you that a few kilometers you can visit the beautiful villages with the typical single inland! Aromas of earth, of tradition, history and many food and wine all to enjoy!


The enchanting scenery of the medieval village of Gradara, he frames the love story of Paolo and Francesca, lovers of Dante, a thousand secrets and mysteries. Every year, the third week of July there is the Castle Siege at a historical re-enactment of the terrible siege of Gradara in 1446, when Francesco Sforza, with the help of the great Federico da Montefeltro, tried unsuccessfully to conquer the fortress defense by the brave lord of Rimini, Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta. The battle is revived with an impressive pyro-musical and, subsequently, a big party, "Night of Fire", fills the village till late night of musicians, figures, artists of all kinds ... and tourists, to celebrate together the successful defense of the fortress. The first week of August is dedicated to the Fantasy, with the Festival The Magic Castle. Wizards, Fairies, gnomes and elves await you in a magical atmosphere. To help you discover this charming village, we remind you that the Easter weekend, we will accompany you with our shuttle, free. During the summer it is possible to go over it with your car, even with the Tourist Train of the City and the streetcar line.


To 420 km of altitude, in the hills on the border of Romagna and Marche, stands this beautiful village, which sees the Adriatic Sea on one side and the other Montefeltro. You can not not taste the typical cheese pit, pecorino cheese resting three months in the old pits dug into the tuff to hide their household goods to collectors and robbers of the past. Excellence DOCG all local. A Mondaino you can make a jump in the past and during the Palio del Daino, which is held every year in late August, relive the historical reconstruction of ancient crafts. Artisans, arts, workshops, musicians, singers and jugglers, many shows and exciting challenges of the districts, will therefore be the protagonists of the four evenings (mondainesi). ll Palio del Daino of the most successful events at national, recognized by the Union of European Historical will leave you breathless!


Login This small town character, and offers its visitors one of the best summer festivals, the area, the Feast of the Witches, in mid-June. 2016 will give life to the 28th edition. Animations haunted, parades and street artists, will lead you into the most hidden of the village, enjoying you with many shows up to the 23:59 of June 23, the night when you will accomplish the Burning of the Witch! Do not be afraid to defend themselves from witches, just hide under clothes a few sprigs of lavender ... In the evenings of the Feast of the Witches, we will be happy to arrange private shuttles free to accompany you.
San leo

SAN LEO 30 km

On a huge boulder impassable, at 583 meters high, is the fortress of San Leo, accessible by a single road cut into the rock. San Leo hosted Dante, St. Francis of Assisi and the strong, turned into a prison during the papal rule, was imprisoned Giuseppe Balsamo, Count of Cagliostro, one of the most enigmatic and fascinating adventurers age of Enlightenment, who died within the 1795. In 2004 he received the orange flag for cultural and environmental wealth, tradition and gastronomy.

WALKING IN THE “CONCA” 200 meters from the hotel

Walk, walk, we found that only a few meters from the hotel there is a wonderful path that we would like to share with you. A walk in the mouth of the River Basin, surrounded by nature, between twittering of birds, and smells of flowers, an ecological time of movement and the "kick start" the day outdoors. Once a week, we will come with you to walk up to the waterfalls, natural wonder unknown to many, where we will see the sunrise together. We will make a healthy breakfast together, sitting on the grass and we will return more loads than ever to start a day at the beach!

This is just a little inspiration to enrich your vacation, a taste of the hinterland surrounding our Cattolica, a union between the Earth and Sea!
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