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Beach 112: Private Beach Hotel Tiffanys

Freedom, Space and Safety for our small beach that is private only for you.

To welcome you, you'll find Adelmo, for friends Cisky, who is much more than our lifeguard...he is the one who always smiles you, the one who reminds you every day that you have  to be happy, the one who loves the sea like himself and with his travel stories and traditions, makes you travel world.


If sometimes you want to have lunch on the beach, Cisky will bring you all, under your beach umbrella



Booking YES:

  • I love having a lot of space under my beach umbrella 
  • I want to see my children up close
  • Miniclub for children is soft without confusion 
  • I can bring my little dog, is a Fido Beach
  • When I want, I can have lunch on the beach  
  • the sandy bottom of the sea is very low, I always feel safe 

Booking NO:

  • I love a modern beach like a Village with many people and services
  • I like a crowded beach
  • I'm looking for a beach with swimming pool, slides and games