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The holiday begins when you choose the place where to spend it; Cattolica is the right one...and your holiday begins now!
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Cattolica the 1° town in Romagna

1,9 km of coastline, with shallow and safe waters


You don't have to worry anymore, leave all those hassless to us on how to organize yourself and what to bring...it's easy, NOTHING! Find it all here.

Are you traveling with a baby from 0 to 2 years old?
We choose for you the most spacious room, we put the baby cot, the bottles warmer and baby bath tub.
  • Baby coat
  • Changing table
  • bottles warmer
  • baby bath tub
Baby Food: we take care oh this too, you just have to relax you!

 From 11.30 to 12.30    from 18.30 to 19.30

we prepare the baby food in front of you, with vegetable broths and fresh vegetable purees according to your preference.

Seats for restaurant, bibs, placemats and cutlery, are already at your table
Is your child aged 3 and up?
In this case the keyword is fun!

Your child can play at the miniclub 

from monday to saturday, from 10 to 12 & from 16 to 18 on the beach;
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during meals, in hotel, in the Game Room, with the mini club


Bicycles and restaurant table seats, strollers are always availables

At our Restaurant #congusto, the Chef Ale prepares every day the children's station 

  • Pasta with tomato sauce
  • with pesto sauce
  • with meat sauce, bolognese
  • grilled meat
  • cutlets
so they don't have to wait, they can eat right away and  then run to play