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Do you know that we have learned to smile at you also with our eyes?

I can forget to put the lipstick on and Massi can hide his beard, which becomes whiter every summer, under the musk...



Instead of shaking hands we stretch our elbow, but a nice hello and a nice welcome are always good!

Gel stations are everywhere and you know what we decided? To maintain them forever, it is healthy that we sanitize our hands more often

To use lift, can go up one family at a time, so maybe, you need some more patience but we discovered last summer that our guests are very athletic so someone appreciate to walk and give way to others, perhaps to those with children.

We are really lucky because Tiffany is very large, with lots of indoors and outdoors spaces and you can chat with other guests even from one meter away

At the bar, when you want to drink a coffee or a drink it is even more convenient because you just have to ask Leo, our bartender, sit outside in the longes and he will bring all at your table.

The Restaurant for your great joy is remained with buffet so you can continue to choose what and how much you want to eat but, it has been transformed from self service to assisted buffet so you choose and we serve it...better than so...

In pool there is place for everyone, 20 people can enter in the swimming pool at the same time (I told you that it is very large)

In cleaning, the house keepers were already very careful and scrupulous, now they are even more so and if you prefere they can also provide of a self service cleaning kit

If necessary, we will adapt some services to the updated protocols trying not to eliminate them but to build them tailored to everyone's safety di tutti, ours and yours